Moving the blog

Hi friends ,

For the past few days , I’m struggling to move my blog to self hosted one. So migrating the posts and all other things are going on. Most important thing for me is to not lose any of my valuable readers. I’m doing my best to do this. If anyone can’t read my posts or you can’t see my blog in your reader, please, please let me know. So I can check what’s wrong. My new self hosted site still needs some fixtures, but I think you can view. Please visit I hope you give the same warmth and love to me and my blog😍😊🙂.


36 thoughts on “Moving the blog

      1. Okay.. thank you.. but I Donno why I can’t comment or like your new blog’s asking for further login even while I am already logged into wordpress ..actually the same issue I have found in another self hosted blog too..

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      2. Well..this time I was able to like, that too was not possible earlier.. while commenting it returned an error message as captcha error.. I try to comment on your raw mango cooler

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      3. Oh..then it’s because I installed Google recaptcha recently..that’s why I should check box that you are not robot😉..i installed it as I was receiving some users with wierd email address. Can you able to see re captcha box to check? I just want to know from user front and is it comfortable for you 😊.

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      4. Ok ..I removed the captcha after you said dear😊.. Don’t my post show in your reader? I moved all my followers to my new one. There is no follow button..but there is subscribe button. I really appreciate your effort 😊.. thank you 😊

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