Home made Ginger garlic paste

In my initial days of cooking I used store bought ginger garlic paste. But I don’t get that aroma in dishes I have used. Then I made it fresh when I needed. I can definitely see the change in taste and aroma. So I decided to make it in large quantities for handy.

When I made first I just added ginger and garlic. But the very next day,it changed its colour and I didn’t get the aroma. So when I tried next time I added a few rock salt as we used to add rock salt along tamarind to store. This time it worked. Even after weeks it didn’t change colour and aroma.

I can assure you will not buy store one after trying this.😊



Ginger – 1/2 cup roughly chopped

Garlic pods – 3/4 cup peeled

Rock salt – 1 or 2 tsp


  • Take all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth. Do not add water.
  • Store refrigerated in  airtight container.



  1. Use dry spoon to take the paste.
  2. This will come for weeks if stored and used properly.

16 thoughts on “Home made Ginger garlic paste

  1. When a recipe calls for ginger/garlic paste–can freshly chopped ones be substituted? I’ve always hesitated trying recipes calling for ginger/garlic paste because I don’t get the shop-bought ones in jars. Or if I make my own, I may not be using them often (is making them into a paste just for convenience, or is there a difference in flavour from freshly chopped ones?).

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    1. There is definitely a difference in aroma of the dish…in dishes such as Biriyani or Pulao or some Chicken curries I don’t think the chopped ginger garlic can give the flavour and aroma of the paste..😊… When you try it for you can see the difference😊🙂


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