Sambar dosa

You would have heard Sambar idli, Sambar vada, but have you ever heard Sambar dosa? Even I haven’t heard it till my marriage. This is my MIL’s recipe which is my husband’s favourite. I have already posted Tiffan sambar( no dal), when ever we make this sambar, Sambar dosa is must in our home.



Dosa batter – 1  big laddle per dosa

Tiffan sambar – 1 or 2 small laddle per dosa

Oil – to drizzle


  • Heat tawa, spread dosa batter to  a dosa ( not very thin). Drizzle oil.
  • When one side cooked, flip it. Let it be for few seconds.
  • Flip again, spread 1 or 2 laddle of sambar.
  • Let it be for a minute. Fold carefully.
  • Serve warm.


Mine got tear a little, but that doesn’t affect the taste😁😉.


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